Center for Psychological Services
Department of Psychology

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The GMU Center for Psychological Services is the primary training facility for graduate students in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program and School Psychology Masters Program in the Department of Psychology.  Our mission is to provide evidence-based clinical training in assessment, consultation and intervention, and to provide accessible, culturally sensitive, state-of-the-art services to the community.  The Center also participates in clinical research to help improve the quality of existing interventions and contribute to the scientific community.  In coordination with the training programs, the Center trains the next generation of ethical, caring, knowledgeable and innovative treatment providers in models based on scientific knowledge while meeting community needs.

Values Statement

Professionals at the Center are expected to adhere to high values at all times:

  • Respect
    • Listening to others, appreciating different opinions, being respected
  • Professionalism
    • Appropriate appearance, positive tone and helping attitude, honesty and ethical conduct
  • Commitment to the community
    • Provide excellent service, teaching and research
  • Creativity
    • Celebrate our differences and enjoy our similarities, sharing of ideas
  • Collegiality & Positivity
    • Helping colleagues, expressing gratitude, noticing strengths, starting constructive criticism by emphasizing the good
  • Growth
    • Always learning from teachers, other students and from clients, improving skills, developing new interests, trying new things
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