Training Clinic Model

Training Clinic Model Image

Services at the GMU Center for Psychological Services are primarily provided by graduate student clinicians training to become clinical and school psychologists. Our trainees are not yet licensed, but all of the services they provide are supervised closely by GMU-affiliated faculty who are licensed to practice. You will be provided with this supervisor's name at the start of your therapy or assessment.

As trainees are being supervised, sessions are observed, usually via audio or video recording, and the supervisor reviews the recordings to ensure the provision of the best care possible. The recordings are confidential, deleted at the end of treatment/assessment, and are used only to provide feedback to the trainees. This approach is widely used in the training of clinical and school psychologists and other mental healthcare providers.

If you are not comfortable with this arrangement, we occasionally have licensed providers and affiliated faculty with openings for assessment and therapy services. We can also provide you with referrals to licensed professionals in the community. 

Being a training clinic also affects fees and billing. As a training clinic, our fees are lower than what psychologists in the community typically charge.