GMU CPS is an out-of-network provider, which means that we do not work directly with insurance companies. 

Although we provide clients with an invoice that contains all of the information needed to apply for reimbursement from their insurance provider, there is no guarantee your insurance provider will reimburse you. Due to recent changes nationally with insurance billing codes, there is a possibility you will receive no reimbursement for an assessment; your eligibility and reimbursement rates may be influenced by the credentials of the examiner. 

It is a good idea to contact your insurance company prior to your first appointment to get a clear sense of your benefits.

How do I find out how much my insurance company will reimburse me for your service?

Call the telephone number on the back of your insurance card and ask what your out-of-network mental health benefits are. Ask if you have a deductible, and if so, how much.

  • For therapy, the CPT (procedure) code for the initial intake evaluation is 90791 and the CPT code for follow-up sessions are 90834 for individual/couples therapy, 90847 for family therapy, and 90853 for group therapy.

  • For comprehensive psycho-educational or mental health testing, a number of CPT codes will be captured on your receipt, which is provided at the conclusion of the assessment process. The majority of our examiners are either Masters Level examiners or student trainees, which means that many of the codes may not be reimbursable.  You are encouraged to speak to your insurance carrier to determine if, and at what rate, they will reimburse you depending on the examiner’s credentials.