Center for Psychological Services
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Other Ongoing Research Studies

Social Anxiety Treatment and Research

Are you nervous in social situations? Are you worried about what others think of you? Consider joining the Social Anxiety Treatment and Research smartphone study and earn up to $75. 

Read more about the study here:

Psychological Help-Seeking and Resilience

This research is being conducted to understand the relationship between psychological help-seeking and building resilience in women who have had an unwanted sexual experience. Your participation will help us further understand how psychological help-seeking can help survivors build resilience.

The survey should take about 45-55 minutes, and you will have the option to also participate in a voluntary, brief (15 minute) phone interview. Participants who chose to provide an email in the survey will be entered into a raffle for one of several $10 gift cards. If you chose not to provide the email or participate in the phone interview, then the survey is completely anonymous. You can complete the survey by clicking the link below and answering the questions.

Feel free to contact Rachel Shor ( with any questions about the study. IRBNet number: 1128764-1

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