Diagnostic Testing & Assessment

The GMU Center for Psychological Services offers a comprehensive range of psychological and psychoeducational testing services.

  • Comprehensive psycho-educational assessments for children and adults to assess for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Learning Disorders, cognitive and academic strengths and weaknesses, mental health issues and provide recommendations to improve academic, vocational, or life success.

  • Intellectual assessments with a standardized instrument such as one of the Wechsler scales, the Differential Ability Scales, or the Stanford-Binet.

  • Assessment of academic achievement in areas of arithmetic, reading, written language. The Center is able to administer the Nelson Denny Reading Test as required by many adolescent/adult testing services

  • Psychological assessments other than those directly related to learning or attention typically include assessment of general intellectual ability, adaptive functioning, personality, and social-emotional functioning.


If you are looking for testing for inclusion in Fairfax County's Advanced Academic Placement (AAP) Program, please see the Cognitive Assessment Program Website at http://cap.gmu.edu. or call 703 993-4200