Before Your First Session

Once a clinician is available, the Intake Office will contact you to notify you that you have been assigned to a therapist/examiner. They will also mail or e-mail you an Assignment Notification that will include the name of your clinician, the clinician's supervisor, and the agreed upon fee for service. Your clinician will contact you within 72 business hours to arrange your first meeting.

You will be sent a packet of information that includes a copy of our center policies, consent forms and directions. You will also be given a background questionnaire to complete at home prior to your first appointment. 

Therapy clients will also be asked to complete online clinical assessment questionnaires that will be used to select the best course of treatment for them and to track treatment progress. Therapy clients should receive an e-mail invitation from GMU OWL Outcomes prior to their first appointment

Lastly, if you have records that would be important for the person testing or treating you to see, it's a good idea to bring those to your first appointment. For example, if you are seeking an assessment because of school problems it could be helpful to bring along your school records. If you are currently taking any medications, please bring along the names and dosages of those medications, as well as information about who is prescribing them.

Thus, prior to your first appointment you should:

  • Complete the Background Questionnaire and packet of consent forms
  • Assemble copies of any relevant records to bring with you
  • [For Therapy Clients] - Complete the online pre-treatment questionnaires